Welcome to another year at James Giles School. Looking forward to a great year full of learning, building and growth.
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~ Our motto in Social Studies:

Nana ka maka (look with eyes)

Ho'olohe ka pepeiao (listen with ears)

Pa'a ka waha (close the mouth)

A me a'o (and learn)

Our topics this year in Social Studies will start with early human civilization and take us through River Valleys, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome to name a few. We'll explore a bit and wrap up with early North American people, places and ideas.


~ Our motto in IA: Pride in Crafstmanship and Attention to Detail ~

Current IA projects (will vary according to recourses and time):

Dice, Message Board, Whistle, Digital Drawing, Knots and Fire!

Email: jmurphy@norridge80.net Phone: 708.453.4847 x115

Breakfast club: Having trouble understanding Math? Falling behind in Social Studies? Need some help with Language Arts? Need to make up a test or quiz? Then join Mrs. Mostyn, Mr. Gruszka and Mr. Murphy on Wednesday mornings from 7:50 am to 8:15 am in room 233 for 6th grade Breakfast Club. Come prepared and ready to work!

Here are the links for the classrooms of Mrs. Mostyn and Mr. Gruszka.

Here are a few of the documents for IA class that you might want to read. They are in .pdf format. If you don't have the program (adobe acrobat) to read them, it's free at:http://www.adobe.com

Classroom expectations This document outlines my expectations for my students.

Safety Contract This document has our safety contract and permission slip. Safety first!

Safety rules This document has our list of safety rules. Safety first!

Project RubricThis document is used to grade student projects (Project grades are averaged into one grade which counts for 50 percent of the final grade).

Participation Rubric This document is used to grade class participation at the end of the quarter (Participation counts for 50 percent of the final grade).

Grades can be seen online at the parent portal at http://www.norridge80.org/powerschool/parents.htm.

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8.29.16 Days with no loss time injury: 2112 (This number reflects the number of days we've worked without an injury that would keep a student away from school.) Well done Giles Students!

Here are pictures of our work area and class area:

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